Best Eats on NDG’s Monkland Avenue

Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) might not be your first thought when looking for a good food zone in Montreal, but you’d be wrong to eliminate the area from your options. 

NDG’s fantastic, varied dining scene has enough to compete with the most infamous culinary locations that the Plateau and Old Montreal boast. Monkland Avenue, one of the most desirable spots to live in Montreal, is the crux of NDG’s food scene. 

The street that is bustling with boutiques, shops, and bars also hosts some of the best eats around. Here are some of our favourite food spots eats for you to try on NDG’s Monkland Avenue: 

Gia Ba

Gia Ba is a restaurant that fuses Taiwanese and Szechuan style cuisine. ‘Gia Ba’ roughly translates to “pleasantly full” in Taiwanese. When you visit Gia Ba you’ll leave here not only pleasantly full but raving to all your friends about just how good the meal was. 

The menu will be familiar to the casual Chinese eatery, but it’s served at a higher calibre than equivalents in the city, and for very reasonable prices. NDG really won the draw on this one. 


Hopkins restaurant is NDG’s fine dining options of choice. If you are looking for a beautiful setting to enjoy a romantic evening or spend time with loved ones over delicious food, this is the restaurant. 

The priority at Hopkins is always freshness and the French-inspired menu is a rare-to-find mix of originality and tradition. Hopkins deserves the attention of anyone who loves to explore fine cuisine.

Monkland Tavern

Monkland Tavern is one of two Tavern locations in Montreal but Monkland Avenue is the original. The Monkland Tavern is an ideal neighbourhood restaurant with a queue to get in regularly flowing out the doors.  

Steaks, pasta, burger and more are all available as well a range of daily specials. Main courses range from $16-$32.

La Meunerie Urbaine

For a casual bite to eat or a grab and go, visit La Meunerie Urbaine. This bakery opened its door in 2017 and has established itself as one of the best in the city. Grab a coffee and pastry (croissants, mille-feuilles, pain au chocolat) and enjoy the bright modern space. 

If you want to pick up something to take home, the bakery has gained international recognition for its baguettes.

Mikado Monkland

Mikado first opened in Montreal in 1987 and Monkland Avenue is the latest of the three locations in the city. The restaurant was one of the first to bring sushi to the city and is now a local’s favourite for Japanese food.

Creativity, simplicity, and balance are the elements that underpin all of the sushi, sashimi, teriyaki, tempura, and other dishes available in the restaurant. 

Food options are just one of the reasons why NDG real estate is booming right now. The area is the fourth most walkable area in all of Montreal and has plenty of shops, pharmacies, and grocery stores. Real estate in NDG is a popular choice for those looking to combine green spaces, old architecture and the bustling streets.

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