Best High Tech Experiences In Montreal

Montreal is one of Canada’s oldest cities, but don’t think that means it’s not advancing with the times! The city has become a prolific hub for gaming, visual effects, and advancements in A.I. over the past decade. So it should come as no surprise that Montreal is also paving the way for interactive, immersive experiences through V.R. and multimedia projections.

Within the winding brick roads of Old Montreal, high-tech experiences await tourists and locals alike. If you consider yourself a technophile, be sure to visit these spots in and around the Old Port while you’re in town. 


Located in a gorgeous historic building in Old Montreal, Centre PHI is known for its interactive V.R. film festivals, and forward-thinking art programming that marries futuristic concepts and reality.  The newest exhibit, “>HUM(A.I.)N” reflects on a coming future in which machines are a part of us. Featuring renowned tech-based artists, it’s intended to, “activate the movements of the body by challenging the heart and the human faculties of the mind—faculties that are increasingly being enhanced, altered, and shaped by technology.”

The PY1 Pyramid

If you’re looking to revel in a futuristic performance fit for the 3000’s, Lune Rouge Entertainment has combined technology with compelling storytelling within its latest conception: the PY1 Pyramid. Boasting 32 laser projectors, 286 kinetic set pieces, 444 LED lighting fixtures, and 126 speakers, this 81-foot pyramid is the first of its kind.

The venue transports visitors into a 360° immersive experience with its first show that opened June 1st. “Through The Echoes will be a totally immersive experience, a technological and emotional odyssey which tells the story of life from the Big Bang until today,” explained Guy Laliberté, the founder of Lune Rouge. “The audience will play the main role and take center stage.” 

After 9 pm, PY1 transforms into a state-of-the-art nightclub as music from local electro artists guide you through the unforgettable adventure.


If you’ve walked around the Old Port at dusk, you may have noted giant projections cast onto the walls of historic homes within Old Montreal. This “techno-historical walking tour” was created for Montreal’s 375th birthday and is one of the world’s largest open-air video-projection instillations. The tour contains 25 tales of those who have shaped the history of the city. The walking map and audio content are available for download within the Montreal en Histories app.


Ready for a drink? How about one poured by the world’s first interactive bartender R1-B1! Slinging drinks at the Cinq a Sept, this flirty wisecracking robot can pour basic mixed drinks, as well as wine and champagne. As he prepares your cocktail, he’s glad to talk with you in both French or English! 

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