Why Biking in NDG May Soon Be Easier

Like getting around on two wheels? Well if you live in the Côte-Des-Neiges—Notre-Dame-De-Grâce borough, cycling might soon become even easier. 

There is more than 350 km of bike paths in Montreal and its surroundings for bikers to navigate, however, biking advocates have long expressed their desire for improvement and increase in the number of bike paths in NDG specifically.

Although there are numerous bike paths, the neighbourhood falls behind areas such as Rosemont and the Plateau that have a much stronger cycling culture. The local borough council is looking to rectify this and has announced the approval of three new bike paths as well as the refurbishment to two other frequently used bike paths. 

The new paths will aim to create a better cycling infrastructure in Côte-Des-Neiges and make the existing ones safer. 

What do the new bike path plans involve?

The council voted in favour of asking the city for permission to study and implement the plan, and for it to be added to the 2020 citywide plan for bicycle infrastructure.

The plan calls for bicycle paths to be added to Isabella Avenue between Macdonald and Lemieux; Upper Lachine Rd between Grand Boulevard and Décarie Boulevard, and on Jean-Brillant between Decelles Avenue and Édouard-Montpetit Boulevard.

These streets were selected for new bike paths based on residents’ persistent desire for many years. Now that the bike paths have been approved, ridership data will be examined and feasibility studies conducted to look into the logistics. 

Also involved in the plan are improvements to two popular bike lanes in the neighbourhood: Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Avenue and Grand Boulevard. These would be improved by adding a physical separation from cars. 

NDG accessibility

One of the perks of living in NDG, and a reason that many chose to live in the area, is how accessible it is. No matter where you reside in the area, there are plenty of simple transport options to easily get you from A to B.

City councillor, Christian Arseneault, explains: “We want a cycling network that is so safe that people of all ages and abilities will feel comfortable leaving their car at home to get around the neighbourhood.” 

With additional bike paths making it easier and safer for NDG residents to travel around the city by bike, the changes will be warmly welcomed by the city that is home to over one million cyclists. 

Montreal is one of only two North American cities found on the 2019 Copenhagenize Index of the world’s most bike-friendly cities. Additions and improvements to the current biking infrastructure will only see the city shoot up the rankings. 

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