Griffintown Poised to Be Served By Proposed Pink Line Metro

The Pink Line is a new metro line in Montreal that was first proposed back in 2011. The line would run from Montreal North, through Griffintown to Lachine to the west of the island – connecting previously unserviced areas to the city’s core downtown.

Last month, Valérie Plante, mayor of Montreal and the driving force behind the pink line, announced that the municipal and provincial governments had finally agreed on funding for a tramway development dubbed the ‘pink line’. 

Plante announced on Twitter: “I am pleased to announce that an agreement in principle between the city of Montreal and the government of Quebec regarding public transit has been concluded! Not only is Quebec City getting the funding it needs for its streetcar, but most importantly Montreal is making major gains!”

The planning and development for the tramline can now begin, but there has been no announcement yet for the timeline of the construction. 

Will Griffintown be included on the new Montreal pink line?

It is expected that the pink line will run through many Montreal neighbourhoods that currently have no quick, direct access to downtown. The exact route of the new tramway has yet to be announced, however, renderings of Montreal’s new metro map show the general direction that the pink line will flow. 

Starting in Montreal North the tramline will travel southwest through the city, connecting to the blue, orange and green lines before reaching downtown and extending to Lachine. The diagonal line will give an additional travel option to residents in these areas, relieving the pressure on current nearby metro stations and the city’s roads during busy hours. 

The provincial minister responsible for the Montreal region said that the pink line a western extension of the proposed Tramway de l’est. An extension to that proposed tramway would imply a route along to Lachine that would serve areas including Griffintown

How will the pink line affect real estate? 

If you are familiar with Montreal or are active in the real estate market, you’ll be aware of Griffintown’s position as one of the most flourishing real estate markets. Despite there being no metro station currently located directly in Griffintown, the appealing central location means that there is still a high demand for property. 

Were the pink line to service Griffintown, it would only add to its appeal. But with a position already in Montreal’s downtown, extensive STM bus services and nearby metro stops including Georges-Vanier, Lucien L’Allier and Bonaventure, other areas along the pink line such as Plateau, Lachine and Montreal North are more likely to see a subsequent noticeable flux in real estate. 

There’s no doubt that real estate close to the Pink Line will become more desirable and prices within easy reach of a metro line are generally more expensive – but there is no guarantee that such an impact will be seen in Griffintown. 

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