Top Activities to do in Griffintown

Griffintown has so many positive traits that it is popular not only with residents but also as a day trip for Montrealers and tourists alike. 

Those with real estate in Griffintown reside in one of the trendiest and coolest places in Montreal – an area with a rich history, beautiful walking areas, art galleries, and a collection of modern design shops. 

The resurgence of Griffintown from its industrial past has seen it crowned the city’s newest hip locale by locals. Here are some of our top activities in Griffintown for both residents and visitors: 

Lachine Canal

Griffintown is bordered by Notre Dame Street and the Lachine Canal. It’s this close proximity to the canal that is a particularly appealing feature of this lively neighbourhood. 

Griffintown is beautiful on the water and summer strolls along the Lachine Canal boardwalk are pleasant. The green spaces that border the banks of the historic waterway are a great way to escape the bricks and mortar of the city. Walk, jog, bike or even hop in a canoe or kayak. 

Griffintown art galleries

Creative workshops and art galleries attract an astonishing array of local and international talented artists to Griffintown. 

Arsenal Art Contemporain is a contemporary art gallery housed in a former shipyard of over 80,000 square feet. Arsenal took possession of the building in 2011 and transformed the rooms, interfering as little as possible with the historic original industrial style from the 1850s. The space holds multiple exhibition halls, private collections, and a gallery.

Elsewhere, the Montreal Art Center (MAC) is a visual art center and studio space for 100 member artists. The center opens members’ work up to the public and allows you to support local artists by purchasing pieces of art.

Antique dealers

Back in its heyday, Griffintown had dozens of antique dealers. A few of these specialist dealers still remain today, lining the street of Notre-Dame Ouest. 

Have a browse in Milod Antiquities, L’Allumeur, and Freddy Weil, and you’ll find a range of unique treasures for sale – from Parisian furniture to marble mantelpieces. These characterful shops add an extra cool factor to the area and are well worth a visit, even if you have no intention of buying. 

Visit a brewery

For beer lovers, Brasseur de Montréal is a must-visit. In a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll find an impressive selection of homemade brews including the ‘Griffintown’, a blonde ale with a rich malty and floral flavour. 

For an ode to the breweries of the past, Dow Breweries, one of the most popular beers in Quebec up until its closure in 1966, is celebrated with a free small exhibit open on weekdays at L’École de Technologie Supérieure (the building that previously housed Dow Breweries). Here you’ll find old Dow beer bottles and TV ads by the old Griffintown brewery.

Food, food and more food

Montreal is known for its abundance of food options and Griffintown is no different. There are so many spots to choose between whether you’re looking for a casual eat or a more formal classy affair. 

Allow yourself to get lost in the streets of Griffintown and you’ll stumble across plenty of off-the-radar food hubs. In the summer months, the banks of the Lachine Canal are home to Marché des Éclusiers, a seasonal outdoor farmers market with plenty of tasty food options.

Real estate in Griffintown

While many of the Griffintown residents are young professionals, the area is incredibly family-friendly. If you want all these happenings to be right on your doorstep, find out more about Griffintown real estate here.

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