Why Westmount Real Estate is So Attractive to Foreign Buyers

Montreal’s real estate market has been on a tremendous upswing in recent years, with foreign buyers especially drawn to the city as an alternative to the overheating Toronto and Vancouver markets. Among the most desirable locations is the Westmount borough, widely considered one of Montreal’s most luxurious neighbourhoods.


While Montreal is a bilingual city, certain parts of the town have a demographic that skews more towards Anglophones. One of the most prominent boroughs to have a predominantly Anglo population is Westmount, making it particularly attractive to foreign buyers as they won’t have to grapple with the language issues. Most restaurants and stores in the area have English speaking staff, and it’s a very easy area to live in without much knowledge of French.


Westmount is also considered one of the city’s most affluent areas, with Wikipedia noting that it was once the richest community in Canada, and compares with the richest neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto. It’s also a good neighbourhood for luxury real estate, with the luxury condo market booming in this part of the city. The mountainous views of the city are particularly attractive to buyers, although real estate doesn’t come cheap in the area, with Mansion Global estimating that entry-level homes cost around $1 million, while the average home is closer to $2.8 million.

Proximity to downtown

Westmount also benefits from the fact that it’s so close to downtown. While many Anglophone communities populate the western part of the city, in the west island, when it comes to proximity to downtown, Westmount is the place to be. In fact, Westmount is walkable to the centre of the city if you don’t mind a 15-20 minute stroll, although the mountains can be a little steep to walk up going back home depending on where the property is. By car, it only takes minutes to get downtown, while The Bell Center is only moments away via the metro or public transportation.

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